Oh hi! I'm Brian Moore.
I like pumpkin pie and hyper-color tshirts.
Born at Lucy Lee Hospital in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, I was the creative kid in my family from a young age. You could often find me making claymation videos out of my playdough or animated flipbooks out of post-it notes. I graduated from Missouri State University in fall of 2008 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Computer Animation.

The constantly growing passion I have for the arts
is a big part of my life. I am interested in several traditional mediums of visual expression, yet have also been interested in computers for almost as long. I made my first website at the age of 13, before most tv commercials would even display a web address. I found the marriage of these two passions came together quite well with computer animation.

I am currently working as a freelance animator. Some of my freelance commercial work includes lead animator for a Nike, Inc. promotional art film/commercial as well as lead animator for the MuteMath music video, Backfire, which played on MTV and other music channels in early 2010.

I have hopes of eventually finding an Animation Studio that could make use of my skills, style, and adventurous spirit. A place that I not only am a good fit for, but fits me as well.

I currently reside in Portland, Oregon, after having moved from Springfield, Missouri in early August 2011.