One new animation every week for one year.

The idea behind this project came because I had not been working on animation much since I graduated. I have completed a few major freelance projects, but on an everyday basis I havn't been working on my craft as much as I should. One day I was thinking about how if you aren't actually practicing your craft, then you don't really have a craft. I started delivering pizza to get myself through school and pay the bills, but when I graduated I continued to work as a delivery guy with the thought of working on my portfolio some more before going out to find an animation job. Although I have worked on a few projects for myself it was difficult to keep motivated on personal projects while working 40 hours a week. I often think of ellaborate projects that will take a lot of work to complete, then get discouraged when I am not getting enough done. I end up putting them off to finish later, while starting a new project. So although this is quite an undertaking its also pretty simple. I just need to make one animation a week. Nothing fancy, nothing too involved... just SOMETHING.